What is Paper Disco?
Paper Disco is a Brand New and unique party entertainment for any type of event. It is a fantastic experience with tons of paper and crazy fun! 

Three easy steps to DIY Paper Disco:
Step 1: Buy eco-friendly soft paper in our shop. The paper will arrive ready to use right away from the box.
Step 2: Turn the music on and gradually fluff paper out of the box at your own pace. Be aware that paper volume will increase dramatically when it is fluffed.
Step 3: Have crazy fun with tons of paper all over the place!

Environmental commitment.
We are using recycled eco-friendly, acid-free, biodegradable paper.

What do I get? 
After placing an order, you will receive an eco-friendly biodegradable 18-gsm paper cut to 15mmx750mm stripes in cardboard boxes, depending on the amount you bought. Up to 9 kilograms fit in one box.

How much paper do I need for my event?  
- 3kg is for up to 10 people
- 6kg is for 10-20 people
- 9kg is for 20-30 people
- 12kg is for 30-50 people
- 15+kg is for over 50 people

What else do I need to have crazy fun?  
You definitely need loud music. For an even better experience for professional use, we recommend a confetti launcher. Please see more on our youtube channel. 

Do you offer a partnership?
If you are an entertainer or party planning company interested in purchasing paper for Paper Disco, please 
contact us to get a special discount price and guidance on creating the perfect Paper Disco party. 

Currently, we deliver within the UK and Worldwide by request. We offer same or next-day delivery, please get in touch to confirm, otherwise allow 2-4 business days for your order to arrive.

Returns and Refunds  
Please be aware that due to the nature of the product, we cannot accept any returns and/or refunds of the paper in case the box opens.