What is Paper Disco?
Paper Disco is a Brand New and unique party entertainment for any type of event. It is a fantastic experience with tons of paper and crazy fun! 

Environmental commitment.
We are using recycled eco-friendly, acid-free, biodegradable paper.

What do I get? 
After placing an order, you will receive an eco-friendly biodegradable 18-gsm paper cut to 15mmx750mm stripes in cardboard boxes depending on the amount you bought. Usually, 3 kilograms fits in one big box.

How much paper do I need for my event?  
We recommend at least 6 kilograms of paper for events or places of medium size or 10-12 kilograms for big parties. However, to have superb experience, please consider ordering even more.

What else do I need to have crazy fun?  
You definitely need loud music, and we recommend paper blower(s) to make the paper fly. 

Do you offer a partnership?
If you are an entertainer or party planning company interested in purchasing paper for Paper Disco, please 
contact us to get a special discount price and guidance on creating the perfect Paper Disco party. 

Currently, we deliver within the UK only. We offer same or next day delivery, please get in touch to confirm, otherwise allow 2-3 business days for your order to arrive.

Returns and Refunds  
Please be aware that due to the nature of the product, we cannot accept any returns and/or refunds of the paper in case the box opens.